South Coyote Buttes

South-Coyote-Buttes-Cottonwood-Cove-Paria-Outpost-UtahSouth Coyote Buttes permit areas, Cottonwood Cove and Paw Hole. Both contain extremely colorful formations that rival the North Coyote Buttes. Cottonwood Cove is the largest and perhaps the most colorful.

Note: Both the South Coyote Buttes areas require the same permit from the B.L.M. In most cases you must secure your own permit. We can sometimes get S.C.B. permits the day before but there is no guarantee.

 Cottonwood Cove

Cottonwood-Cove-Further-Cove-South-Coyote-Butte-Paria-Outpost-Utah-31Large enough that it requires two days to see most of it, we often combine a half-day here with White Pocket, but a full-day spent here is just as good with less driving time. Even if you have done a full-day here with us, our Cottonwood Cove Further Tour will show you completely new areas, though we do endeavor to show you the “best” (a relative term) the first time. Cottonwood Cove is one of the most fantastic and colorful spots on the planet earth without a doubt. Up to five or six miles of hiking to see the best.

$175 per person – ($162.50 + 12.50 tax)

 Paw Hole

South-Coyote-Butte-Paw-Hole-Paria-Outpost-Utah-30Not to be underrated, Paw Hole contains color combinations and formations that are different from Cottonwood Cove. You can spend a full-day here or a half-day combined with Cottonwood Cove or White Pocket. Up to 5 miles of hiking to see the best.

$175 per person – ($162.50 + 12.50 tax)

 Cottonwood Cove Further Tour

Coyote-Buttes-Further-Tour-Paria-Outpost-UtahWe can show you lots of great and lesser known areas in Cottonwood Cove. If you think you’ve seen Cottonwood Cove, you’ll be surprised. A little more hiking required, six or seven miles to see the best.

$175 per person – ($162.50 + 12.50 tax)