North Coyote Buttes

North-Coyote-Buttes-The-Wave-Paria-Outpost-UtahThe Wave

This is one of the most well known photography tours and well worth a six mile hike through deep sand, uneven slopes and a couple of big hills, there is actually much more than just The Wave to see in the North Coyote Buttes. “The Second Wave”, The Boneyard, Sand Cove and The Toprock are all worth visiting as well as The Wave. We will go as far as you want and show as much as we can in a day.

Note: The North Coyote Buttes requires a special permit from the B.L.M. You must obtain your own permit before reserving with us for this area.

$175 per person – ($162.50 + 12.50 tax)