Guided photography, scenic, adventure, and hiking tours and shuttles

We provide guided photography, scenic, adventure, and hiking tours and shuttles to America’s newest National Monuments, the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, and the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Tours start and end at the Paria Outpost, the closest facility to such destinations as The Wave, Buckskin Gulch, White Pocket, Coyote Buttes, Cottonwood Canyon and more! Let our experienced guides drive you in our vehicle, then guide you to all the best spots. We are the closest destination to all the tours listed. There is no need to pay for 85 miles of highway driving to and from Kanab. We can do a longer and more thorough tour simply by geographical location. We provide lunch, water, and cold drinks with the tour.

However, some locations are so remote that drive time plus hiking time requires an all day tour. This includes all Vermilion Cliffs National Monument tours.

All Day Tours & Photography Tours

  • All day with picnic lunch
  • $175 per person ($162.50 + 12.50 tax)

Half Day Tours & Photography Tours

  • $125 per person
  • 4 hours

Custom Tours & Photography Tours Hourly

  •  $35 per hour per person (to stay outside 8am – 5pm)

Overnight Campouts and Backpacking Trips

We can help you experience a true wilderness, camp under the stars on our 24-hr overnight campouts. Primitive camping in tents and sleeping bags provided, cookouts included. Usually noon-noon, 24-hrs, Photographers who want to be there at dawn/dusk for sunrise/sunset photos, this is a must!

  • $250 per person

Some locations, including Coyote Buttes and White Pocket, are so far they require the all day tour, also some locations (Coyote Buttes) require special BLM permits that you must obtain. (Include our guide permit number – SRP# AZA-034891)


If you are backpacking one way through the Buckskin Gulch, or Paria Canyon you may need a shuttle. We meet you at your end destination at the start of the hike, where you leave your car so it will be waiting for you at the end of your trip. Cost is for up to 4 people with gear, each additional person $25 each up to 6 people, more than that another vehicle is needed full charge. 5 hours round trip.

  • Lees Ferry to Whitehouse — $200
  • Lees Ferry to Wirepass — $250
  • Whitehouse to Wirepass — $75