Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

The Vermilion Cliffs National Monument is our newest monument and is relatively unexplored as far as modern man is concerned. It’s a giant plateau bordered by thousand-foot cliffs on three sides. Originally named “The Sand Hills” by early residents, the plateau’s remote location and deep sand has combined to preserve fantastic terrain containing unexplored, non-photographed mind-boggling scenery to this very day. We are still exploring it ourselves and we keep finding more of the most colorful, striking formations on the planet. We have put together several new tours that don’t include the Coyote Buttes and White Pocket. We visit very little known but very photogenic locations. This is a chance for photographers to get something no one else has. Hiking is required as well as rugged 4x4ing.

We have three new tours and will not reveal everything online to keep them as undisclosed as possible and to keep other tour companies from copying us.

White Pocket Further Tour

Coyote Buttes1 Paria Outpost and Outfitters 300x225 Vermilion Cliffs National MonumentThis tour begins at White Pocket but does not have to include it. There is a lot of hiking involved but we will take you into another area with great fins and many types of different formations including lots of “brain rocks”. No permit needed.

The “Southeast Plateau” Tour

Coyote Buttes10 Paria Outpost and Outfitters 300x225 Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Visits several colorful and weird places of interest but highlights a special spot that is comparable to the White Pocket in shape but has the colors of Coyote Buttes. Also visits some great overlooks and twisted spots on the edge of the plateau. No permit needed.

The “Central Plateau Tour “

pinnacle north southern utah 300x225 Vermilion Cliffs National MonumentAccomplished photographer and guide, Kurt Robinson, put this tour together when he guided National Geographic for thirty days last year combined with information from old-timers and several more private scouting expeditions. This tour visits lots of pinnacles and valleys full of hoodoos, as well as a place like White Pocket that is orange and white. No permit needed.