Steve Dodson

Guide-Steve-Dodson-Paria-Outpost-UtahI have spent some 18 formative years in the Paria area. It is a difficult but rewarding place to live and the enormous vastness of the land combined with living in what has been to me an alien culture has humbled me in more ways than one. Foremost in my thoughts is being a good person and treating others right, forgetting about our differences and working on the common ground we all share, and respecting each other and the world we live in as well.

Oh, well, I always said jokingly I moved to Paria because I thought it was pronounced Pariah, which is how I often feel here. That is why I try so hard to please people on our tours and I truly look forward to spending the day with all kinds of great folks, sharing stories and helping them see and understand this beautiful area.

Susan Dodson

Guide-Susan-Dodson-Paria-Outpost-UtahI am blessed to live and work in this beautiful area. All my life I have loved God, animals, nature and been an outdoor enthusiast. I learned stewardship and outdoor skills while family camping, fishing with my Dad, and growing up in Girl Scouts. As an adult, I have tried to pass this on to the next generation as a teacher, troop leader and summer camp counselor. Later, as a biologist, I led research teams for weeks in remote field studies. The vastness of  these new National Monuments holds both treasures and hazards for both visitors and the environment. Leave no trace ethic will allow us to visit and enjoy sensitive and delicate natural wonders for years to come. It will be my privilege to facilitate your wilderness adventure. It is my hope that the peace, serenity, beauty,  and wonder you experience will remain with you as a source of strength and inspiration.

Brent Fox

Brent-Fox-Guide-Paria-Outpost-UtahI’ve pretty much lived my entire life in Kanab. I grew up here, raised my family here, I love the history, the people and especially the red rocks and the canyons that run through them. From the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the top of the Vermilion Cliffs I’ve never had to go too far to find someplace new to explore or to photograph.

I got to know Susan and Steve not too long after they first opened the Outpost and I know how dedicated they are to giving their customers the very best… I’m proud to be one of their guides and feel privileged to
take people to some of these incredible places




Dallas Barnhurst

Guide-Dallas-Barnhurst-Paria-Outpost-UtahDallas Barnhurst is a true Mormon patriarch whose roots grow deep in Utah pioneer history. His enthusiasm and energy as well his knowledge of history, culture and environment adds to your experience. Dallas is also an excellent photographer who will help you capture great photos by pointing out hidden subjects others often miss. If you want to go with Dallas, however, don’t book a Sunday tour, his day off, in keeping with his beliefs.

Mike Leinen

Guide-Mike-Leinen-Paria-Outpost-UtahMike Leinen is a photography specialist. He will assist serious to beginner photographers with guidance, instruction, and example to capture the best light, angles and features for stunning photos of our area. Mike has been a professional photographer for over 30 years . His favorite subject is wildlife. Also an avid outdoorsman, Mike has spent weeks to months in the wilds of Yellowstone and Alaska capturing photos of wolves, grizzlies and documenting caribou migration. Mike has published in magazines, shot catalog and stock photography, covered sports events and weddings. He and his wife Jean sold their photography store (film developing, printing) and gallery near Jackson, WY and retired in the Paria area about 15 years ago. Mike will be available during photography workshops.